What do you guys think of the Lexus LF-A Concept?


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I think it's a great design, the lines flow really well.. I think it's about time Lexus caught on to the performance market. Hopefully more performance vehicles will come out in time.
I know that the Lexus IS-F will be out soon and that will get the ball rolling for maybe other performance models like the GS-F, ES-F, LS-F and ultimately to something close to the production of a LF-A. or similar.
That is considering based on how well the IS-F sells..

In this vid, what kind of car are these guys in?

its hot! i would love to see it on the roads one day.

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I like it.especially 500hp..to enjoy it u need to live in Germany. The front end has the same shape as a Bugatti Veyron, which is the fastest production car in the world with a 1001 hp and 4 turbochargers and 16 Cylinders. The LF-A looks like it is built for speed and you could go fast enough to make the world seem like a blurr. The only thing is you have to find a woman who doesn't mind going fast or blind. I can only say one thing...it needs to be on the street...and not just going to car shows. Check out the Veyron at www.dailymotion.com

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I love this car! I can't wait for production to start on the real vehicle. It's supposed to be the size of a Porsche. It seems like it's a big car, but in real life, apparently it's really tiny. I'm excited to see these on the roads. Lexus is only going to build 1,000 of these.

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It looks so cool. Especially the side air intakes which the rear view mirrors lead into. The rear view mirrors are really small, are they rear view cameras?
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