1978 GMC Sierra Grande again?

As I have statd before. I have recently acquired a 1978 GMC Sierra Grande. It has several things wrong with it. We need a parts truck for this one. Do any of you have a truck like it that would work or know a site that would sell the whole bed and the complete cab and fenders ETC.? I would really like to make this a beautiful truck for off roading and driving around town. PLEASE answer!!!


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year one is about the best place to get that stuff

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The absolute best way to find a parts truck for you is to start calling some scrap yards. The thrill of the chase is about the best thing in repairing and restoring old vehicles. I've restored several old tractors and trucks and finding parts and dealing with the people is the best part. Maybe an ad in a local classifieds paper would yield some results as well.
We've gotten a few OLD vehicles given to us because they were eyesores at their location. Good luck with the restoration!!

Can some help me find a trunk cover for a 91 Honda crx?

check with www.lmc truck.com/hc or call LMC Truck at 1-800-562-8782
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