1994 Chrysler LHS transmission?

My mother has an 1994 LHS, and the tranny leaves alot to be desired. It gets stuck in limp-in mode, and hesitates when put in drive - especially after being put in reverse. It has already been rebuilt once. Also. the moonroof keeps out water much the same way as the Titanic. Anyone know of a reseal kit?


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For the moonroof, open it up and look at the four corners in the opening (there's a little tray like area between the weatherstrip and the body). There should be some small drain holes in the corners that drain the water away.

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Check these drainage holes to be sure they aren't plugged up. Gunk builds up in the sunroof, and since the water drains towards these holes, it takes teh gunk with it and can cause them to get plugged up. The holes get plugged, and the water no longer has a place to go, so it builds up and goes inside the car. If the holes look clean, then it likely needs the seal replaced, which wouldn't be real surprising for a 13 year old vehicle, either.

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For the transmission problems. Many shops have no clue as to how to treat a Chrysler transmission. Many Chrysler transmissions get replaced when it isn't necessary, especially when taken to a transmission specialty shop. Don't get me wrong, not all are bad, but many are out to make the most profit possible and will sell a transmission when it isn't the real problem.

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Since it's going into limp mode, there's a possibility either a sensor is going or has gone bad, or the transmission control module could be going out. The most common culprit is the input and output speed sensors. If they replace one, have them replace both at the same time.

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Another common problems with a Chrysler transmission is someone putting the wrong type of fluid into it. Some shops use Dexron instead of ATF+3 (or ATF+4) which is what should be used in any Chrysler transmission. Using the incorrect fluid can cause all kinds of problems in a Chrysler transmission. So if it started these problems shortly after a trans filter service, might make sure what kind of fluid the shop used in it.

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Best bet for a Chrysler transmission is to have the dealer look at it and diagnose it.

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If you take it somewhere and they tell you it needs a rebuild, take it somewhere else for a second opinion before paying for a remanufactured trans. Even if the dealer tells you it needs replaced, get a second opinion at another shop before getting it replaced.

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Definitely, NEVER let them tell you they need to "go into it" or whatever else they might say to tear down the trans to see what's wrong. They can usualy tell whats wrong without going into the transmission. That is just a ploy to get you to let them tear into it, then when they tell you it needs replaced, you're stuck with it there and letting them fix it, or having to pay them to put it back together so you can take it somewhere else.

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Also, if it needs replaced, the best bet is to have a remanufactured transmission installed instead of having the existing one rebuilt. The factories where they remanufacture them are a much more controlled and precise environment than most any shop that rebuilds it. They replace certain parts no matter what, and spec out the rest and replace any that do not meet specifications.

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You also get a much better warranty with a remanufactured unit, usually at least a 3 year 50k mile, whereas rebuilding your trans is usually anywhere from 90 days to a year.

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Chrysler/Dodge is well know for transmission issues. Even after rebuilt.

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Moonroof.just get a new seal from the parts department.
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