1993 dodge dakota?

i have a 1993 dodge dakota i filled it up with gas the gauge bounce from full to empty i hit a bump it goes to full i hit another bump it goes to empty and sumtimes it just stays on empty and sumtimes it stays on full any idea


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it sounds a lot like the Float that the Gage uses in the fuel tank has gone bad. this is commonly called the sending unit. unless you are a mechanic do not attempt to repair it your self. the gas tank must be removed since this unit is inside the tank. you will be dealing with electrical wires and gasoline at the same time and in the same place. so leave it to professionals please.

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its in your sending unit. its a float system. it may be sticking

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or you might have a wire grounding out causing your fuel gauge to read wrong.

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Yes i had the same problem with my dodge truck a few years ago the float inside the tank that reads how much gas is in the tank is held in place at the end of a rod and it's got a bolt to hold it straight..sometimes the bolt comes loose ..one in a thousand chance to that happening..and so when you hit a bump the head at the end of the shaft turns over so it reads backwards..it was so funny i used to joke with my wife that we would have to stop driving soon because the tank would over fill..the only way to fix this is to take the tank down and remove the gas gauge and point the head in the right direction and tighten that dam bolt..or if you notice it stays the same all the time and no longer goes back and forth ..then just go under the truck and switch the wires..put white on black and black on white..
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