What do you need to chage the front end of a 1993 Nissan 240sx to a "97" S14 Kouki?

Do you just need the head light braked and a s14 body kit or what


Why does my acura mdx model year 2001 turn off by itself?

you need to get front end parts such fender, hood, front grill bumper & head light.This part will fit perfectly on S14/240sx 1992 to 1998 chasis as its based on similiar platform and kouki version just receive a face lift and revised sr20 engine with some other refinement.This conversion involving very minor or none modification on the front chasis so you can D.I.Y.Your ideas are not uncommon in my place as silvia/180sx would interchange the front end from different version platform such S13 fitted with s15 front end or 180sx fitted with s15 front end & etc.

I took my 2004 Toyota Corolla in and had my front brake pads replaced?

just buy the car! Tell me, how do I turn my pleather coat into a leather coat?
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