1980 Chev truck right turn signal won't work when I step on the brake?


Looking for 64 chevy impala 2drhtp for body parts?

Your out of blinker fluid:)

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well you my have broken bolt or you have a bad fuse ...10 amps red color usually take them out of the fuse box check if is any broken link a good fuse is not dark or burn and the metal is connect a broken one is broken in the insdie or check if you have any other light not working put you high beans and everything sometimes the problem of one thing is another problem because electricity is just about continuality current flow...or you shift lever in the steering wheel is broken but that's really weird ...mmm or you may have a sure in the wires... did you did anything before this happen working in you ? if that does' help call u manucfactor they may have list of the problems of that truck ... or even better take to technician

Problems w/humming noise in Honda Odyssey 2007?

Look for a poor ground at the right rear tail/stop bulb socket, probably corroded or poor terminal contact, sometimes it is just a worn bulb contact. many electrical problems that seem "odd" are found on the ground side of a given circuit.
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