How do you fix dash and tail lights on 1995 mercury sable i check fuses an bulbs what else can i look for?


For HHR owners with HIgh mileage. What's your average mileage & how are they holding up?

Start looking to see what else isn't working. Do your turn-signals work, your head lights, hazards, etc? You may need to get a wiring diagram to find the source. But try to eliminate other components to find the common problem. Unfortunately without more information it is hard to say. I have access to wiring diagrams and your car has too many.

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It might be a faulty wire. I have a salvaged Honda Prelude (1995) that had a similar problem. The rear lights and lights on the gear shift (automatic) wouldn't light up sometimes. I checked the fuses and the bulbs and it was neither. I took it to my local mechanic and he told me it was a bad wire. I'm not sure if it was exposed, or what. But he charged me about $130 just for finding and fixing that wire!

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Try to look for it yourself before deciding to go to a mechanic. Try going to someone you know and trust.

1998 Dodge Stratus?

i had a 1992 ford tempo that had this same problem. it turned out to be a fusible link in the wiring harnesses inside the dash. it was very expensive at the time to get it fixed.

Can Anyone tell me why my Mitsubishi Eclipse locks itself?

The running lights hook to the headlight switch, and the wire there is probably burnt. Look at the headlight switch connector and you will see the problelm, if not, its the headlight switch

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First check the bulbs. For your dash lights did you check the dimmer switch? It may be turned down. Exterior lights are controlled by a lighting control module that may be bad

Catalytic converter?

broken wires, bad connections
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