1988 chevy silverado 5.7 LT no power to fuel pump?

Ok im getting closer I can feel it, I have been testing alot of wires and I did find a problem with the wiring harness connection some kind of black dielectric gel many years old and kinda dried up it wasn't making good contact I finaly have power to the fuse panel but there is still no power to the brand new fuel pump where the wires connect to the pump. I do have power to the sending unit but not to the pump I did pull the wires all the way back to the fuse panel connection and there where no cuts or anything. I did do a continuity test on the wires and they all checked out ok from the fuse panel to the pump the fuel pump relay is new and the 20 amp fuel pump fuse is also new so I really dont know where to go from here.


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You have power to sending unit? Then check the remaining 12 inches of wire and the connector at the bottom connector of sender.

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have u try checking the ground becasue i have had a simular problem and it was the ground wire so check the ground

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check the ecm fuse, if it's blown trace all pink/black wires. i had a couple that were shorted close to the o2 sensor where the harness goes over the trans..sometimes the wires that are under the air cleaner will short also.and blow the ecm fuse

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COMMONLY overlooked is the wires the plug in on the inside of the sending unit, over time they loose pin tension and cause an intermittent or plain out open connection, I have been bit before on these!!

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mark if you have power to the fuse block . and assuming the fuse is good then you need to raise the hoodand look on the fire wall just above the heater box there should be a relay there your wire comes from the fuse to the relay and then goes to the pump the relay is about 15 dollars i'll bet you will find that you have a bad relay. also there is a n excitor wire to the relay from the computor any way change the relay and see if that doesn't fix the problem . ps there may be a plastic cover covering the relay so all you may see at first is a group of wires going under this cover tis held on by two 10 mm nuts
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