1993 240sx will not start. i have put in new plugs, coil, fule pump,distributor and rotor .i drained the tank.


How do I get keyless entry on 05 chevy trailblazer?

First off, does it sound like its TRYING to start or is it just spinning over with no sputtering or anything? That will help narrow it down. If it's not even sputtering you need to buy an ignition systems tester (only a few dollars, its basically like a spark plug you can watch outside the motor) and connect it to the end of a spark plug lead, if your getting spark then you need to check the plugs in the motor and make sure they have fuel on them. If your getting fuel and spark you should be getting at least a sputter, in which case most likely your timing is off which you need a timing light to check. Also you may want to re-check the distributor as its pretty easy to put it in 180 degrees off among other things in these cars. Timing is controlled by a chain, if that breaks you'd know about it so don't worry about that.

Whats the diffrence between a Chevorlet Z28 and an Cheverolet Iroc?

Take it to the Mechanic!!

Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 2000?

how about the starter, fusible link, battery, and alternator

VW beetle 1967- Should I buy?

Busted timing belt?

Can i get a switchblade key for my 318i model 2004?

Is the problem that the vehicle will not start ,so you replaced these items; or did you replace these items and now it will not start? You will need to be much more specific to get any useful info from here. Try an online forum or a vehicle specific yahoo group.

Why are battery cables on older BMWs colored Red for Negative and Black for Positive?

why did you replace them. or are you tring at random. to get it to start. first start with spark is they any. 2 gas 3. timing .

Honda Civic 2002 Dash light (only the right side) is dead?

Wow! You dumped a lot of money into a 14yr old car. How's the battery, battery connection, starter relay?
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