16 valve moters? geo ,storm and metro?

can i swap moters from a metro to a storm , the vin code is the same moter . the one problem that i se is the moter mount in the storm has a bracket in the front atached to the timing chain houseing cover.


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hi, i wouldnt swap a metro engine to a storm , it will be under powered. but it would be easier for a storm to a metro. problem is might not have enough room. so dont waste time on it.

1999 cabrio constant beeping noise?

the best thing to do is swap it for a similar cavalier engine :> thats what i did with a geo prizm i was playing around with and it was awsome...until my sister ran it into a tree :<

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If the motors are identical except for that one problem you may be able to just use your motor mounts and make it work.

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The bracket may be an extra brace, so companies put that on their motors.
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