What do you think about the Chrysler Town and Country?

Looking at one for a pretty cheap lease ($158 Mo, 27 Months), wanted to know if anyone had any opinions on it?


What is in a 1996 z71 package?

Yes, these are the best minivans you can get for the price. I have had a 2001 town and country, 2005, and I currently have a 2006. I have never had to do anything to any of these vans except oil changes and brakes on the 01. If I were you though, I would opt for the 3.8L. I had the 3.3 in the 01 and 05, it still moved pretty good for a minivan but the 3.8 in the 06 is allot better at acceleration. The stow and go is awesome, power lift gate and dvd is really nice too. I have the touring model which is the same as the grand caravan. I would recommend these to anyone, not to mention I feel they have the best overall looks of the minivans. Right now I am leasing a 2006 t&c touring with dvd, pwr. doors, lifgate, pwr. pedals, pwr. seats, overhead console (all three rows) alluminum rims, stow and go, 6 disc dvd and much more for only $203 a month with 1200 down and 27 months. Good luck on whatever you choose!!

What kind of Acura engine do I put in my Honda Civic?

in the auto parts store that i work in i dont sell many parts for them but when they do go down it costs an arm and a leg,mostly bearings and fuel pumps.But being a lease thats not your problem. Go for it

My mustang squeaks when i start it sometimes?

They may not be the most powerful of the luxury people haulers, but they sure have a lot of features for the $$$. The new one is expected soon and look gorgeous but some are frowning on the new design, saying it's more like an Aspen, or much worse, more like a Chevy Uplander. The lease sounds crazy cheap though. Give it a go and make good use of the warranty if something goes wrong.
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