Were would it be the cheapest place to buy a twin turbo kit for a 2003 nissan 350z?


Would a dc2 itr front clip fit on my 95' db8 gs-r?

Not sure about cheapest, but APS (Air Power Systems) does make a nice twin turbo kit for the Z.

How to change the time (clock) in my 2001 BMW 325ci?

When you say cheap and twin turbo, the words just don't go together. Maybe you can find one used from someone in a user group. Good luck

What does a Test code TC-153A on a 1997 Chrysler Town and Country LXi mean?

stop waisting good money on a nissan....in japan even the japanese refuse to buy them !!! check for yourself, it's true ! /

Does anyone know if the cd changer in the G35 coupe is mp3 compatible?

Try http://www.majesticturbo.com/, they are not cheap - but they put out a great product. Good luck.

Lights killing radio?

Greddy makes great and cheap single and twin turbo kits, but if you want a little more power go with a turbonetics single turbo. But for the 350z I might go with a stillen stage 2 supercharger, and little bit more spendy, but more power and without the lag.

Putting rims on a Civic, need a suggestion!!?

forgedinternals.com or call SGP Racing (sgpracing.com)


To whom should I contact for the problem for my car skoda octavia,the company unable to rectify the problem?

Save up and wait for the Jim Wolf Technologies Twin Turbo Kit that is coming out for the 350z. JWT will have the only kit on the market that keeps the warranty in place on your... as far as legal issues your only other option would be a supercharger (Stillen) but I would wait for the JWT.
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