How do I turn off a check engine light on a mitsubishi mirage?


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disconnect the battery for 5 mins, then re-connect~

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two ways:
1. Go to your local Auto Zone and ask them to clear the code for you (free) OR
2. take the battery terminals off the battery, leave them undone for about 10 min, then reattach. You'll have to reset your clock, stereo presets, etc. but this is like a hard reboot for your computer--same thing for the car.

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Take it to Mitsubishi and have them check the engine.

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buy a engine code computer that allows u to find out the cause of light and allows u to overide the engine light

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you might not want to it is there to let you know there is a problem with your vehicle but if you want you can disconnect your positive battery terminal for 20 minutes and it will blank your cars computer memory of stored issues good luck

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Never mind shutting it off--make sure you have oil (check the dip stick) if you do see your dealer or a mechanic you trust. You can hurt your engine if you don't check this out. Your car will last longer.

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And once you have taken off your battery terminals for 10 minutes, if you are very lucky all you will have to do is reset your clock and station presets, plus run it about 50 miles before the computer gets the needed information back to run efficiently. If you aren't so lucky you will have the cost of a tow to the dealer to have the security system reset.

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And the bottom line is, with the problem that turned on the check engine light in the first place NOT fixed, it will just come back on.

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Please people, stop telling those who ask to disconnect the battery.

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You do not turn the check engine light off.
The purpose of ANY of your dashboard lights to go on is to get your attention.
Do not disregard this light much longer.
Take your car to a reputable mechanic and for approximately $30-$50, they can connect your car to a diagnostic machine.
That will determine specifically what the problem in your engine is.
There is no way around it my friend.

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take out the instrument panel and take out the light bulb.

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take it to the dealer

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It has to do with the cars emissions. Check the gas cap first to see if it seals properly. How is the car running? Take it and get it scanned and find out what the code is before it turns into a more serious problem.

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There are many components that work together in the engine to maintain optimal engine performance and economy.
A service engine soon, or check engine light indicates that there is a sensor that is reading a condition that is "out of range".
Simply resetting the light does not solve the initial cause of the problem.
Replacing a number of parts trying to troubleshoot the problem in the hopes of getting the light to stay off is a tremendous waste of time and money.
The simplest, and most economical way to alleviate your issue, is to have the computer codes checked by a reputable shop to determine what caused the computer to signal you to begin with.

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That being said, if per-chance you feel the need to reset the light in the hopes that it was a "glitch" of some kind, you could disconnect the negative battery terminal for a couple of minutes to clear the check engine light.
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