1994 Ford Tempo won't start (4 cyl.)?

It's been damp the last 3 days. I'm thinking it's the distributer cap or wires that need replacing. However, I did spray WD40 on them and it didn't work. I also sprayed inside the distributer cap and it didn't work. It sounds like it wants to start, maybe one cyl (4 cyl.) is firing, but not all of them.
Any ideas?


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If you sprayed inside the dizzy cap then pull it back off and dry it out, also check the connectors where the rotary bug arc's too... if there is a lot of oxidation on them the cap needs to be replaced. As a temporary fix you can get a fine sand paper and remove the oxidation from the contacts on the cap and from the metal tab on the rotary bug... but they will corrode again fairly quickly if don't replace it soon... Do you have fire at the spark plugs? Use an old plug, connect the wire to it and ground it somewhere and see if it sparks when the engine is being turned over. If not you can pull the dizzy and the module and have them tested. Most major parts retailers have the equipment to test them.

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You will have to dry out the distributor. You have two bigger problems though;

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1. It's a 1994
2. It's a Ford

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push down on the cellnoid, then jump in a try and see if it turns over, it might also be your cellnoid. good luck.

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Normally I'd help, but its a Tempo..call a junk yard.
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