1991 Nissan Sentra power wondows: one wiondow works, the other 3 don't...why?

My front drivers side window works. the other three don't. They are power windows. Obviously it isn't the motor. Where should I look in order to try and fix the problem? I am thinking it is a relay or maybe one of the fuses (my book said that the car has separate fuses so that if one window breaks down, the other wont break down too).


Back light?

is your problem that you cant control the other three windows from the driver'c console, or is it that the individual passenger controls arn't working? If its the former, i cant help. if its the latter, check the window roll lock. there is usualy a window roll lock near the driver's console - if its locked, the individual passengers will not be able to operate their windows, but the driver should be able to.

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do the windows not work from the drivers master swich...or from ANY switch??

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window lock switch is on or it is broken in the on position!
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