How do you switch off mobilizer for honda civic 2dr 95 reg its not starting?


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hi there, are you sure it the immobilizer? it cuold just be the starter motor, try bump starting the civic, if it is the immobilizer then there should be an overide button on the dash, if you find it them hold the button in while turning the ignition on, old it till the indicators flash quickly

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95 civic do not come equiped from the factory with immobilizers.

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Prolly not starting due to an aftermarket alarm or other failing component.

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Use the immobilizer key, which you should have unless you've nicked the car, in which case please give it back ;-)

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if this is a US car it does not have immobilizer; honda didn't start using the immobilizer on the Civic in the US until 2000 models. If the engine is turning over but not firing you have either an ignition system problem (distributor cap/rotor/coil), a flooded engine or a broken timing belt.

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if the car has immobilizer there is usually a green key icon on the instrument panel that will flash if the problem is with the key or if a non-programmed key is being used. I don't know when the UK or Europe started using immobilizer but I'm almost sure it was well after the 95 model year. If you don't have the green key icon on the instrument cluster you don't have immobilizer
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