1990 Chevy Cavalier runs on 2 or 3 cylinders and the catalytic converter glows orange?

I changed the plugs and wires and ran a couple of bottles of injector cleaner through it (out of desperation), and still no luck.

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Anyone have any ideas?


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That sounds like it's running or was running REALLY rich and the fuel is probably burning inside of the cat. By now the insides of the cat are most likely molten solid and the car will be lucky to run at all. You will definately need to replace the cat and you need to find out why the car is running so rich. Possibly a bad O2 sensor.

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That cat situation sounds dangerous & could cause a fire. I would take it to a Chevy dealer ASAP.

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Then sell the car. Cavaliers are very unreliable.

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first you need to rod out the catalytic, the check you coil pack,, sound like it may be going bad

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well when the its running and the catt is glowing hit it with a hammer and have somone hit the gas to nock out the carbon if that dont work cut it off and have someone well back on the exhaust if u dont wanna run a caty dont take it to a dealership cause its ilegal to run without one but they will never know that u dont have one

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1st is to check for codes, if none replace the converter and check for stuck open injectors, vac. leaks, restricted exhaust,mass air flow sensor.. I can go on and on, take it to someone who knows what they are doing it will end up saving you in the long run!! hth
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