1989 honda prelude jdm scene please answer asap!?

im looking to buy a 1989 honda prelude, can i convert that to a import tuner car, like the ones in fast and furious?


Can you put a DVD movie into your DVD based navigation system for 2005 Nissan Pathfinder?

I have a 90 and a 91 prelude. They are one of the hardest Honda's to modify. There is not alot of aftermarket support for our generation Preludes. Don't rice out you're lude though, it's not a pretty sight. Leave that up to the civic and teg owners.

I own a 1989 ford taurus! The check engine light comes on giving a code 41. which is running lean any solution

Alot of the body kits are becoming rare and pricey, Engine mods are hard to come by, and our B20a5/B21a1 do not share the common characteristics with other B series engines. Some B-series parts from tegs and civics fit with alot of modification though.

Looking to buy a classic 1972 or 73 benz 280sel..Was wondering the cost of repairs on these older Benz ??

Our cars have a pretty good stock suspension setup, especially if equipped with 4WS. But there is so few choices when upgrading the suspension as well. Tokico Blues and Ground Control Coil Overs is probably the best strut/spring combo. Whiteline makes swaybars.

What is the best way to haul kayaks for an 03 jeep wrangler?

Go to www.preludepower.com, it's a forum with a large 3g (88-91) community and there are always group buys on custom made products. We currently have H22 swap mounts, STBs and other things.

Does any one know were you can get the exhaust tailpipe covers for a 03 plate bmw m3 (quad exhaust)?

If you want a JDM prelude, you'd have to import one. Look up the Prelude INX. It's a lude with no flip up lights. Its a mix between a 3g and a 4g lude.

What have you done to your Dodge Ram Cummins diesel to improve the mileage plus performance?

They're made for that.

What is a website to see how much a minivan will cost and what the insides look like??

Honda's are perfect for the slow and the ridiculous transformation. Remember it was a stupid movie not real life.
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