07 Civic LX vs 07 Sentra SL?

I'm looking to buy one of these cars, have researched a lot, and am still very confused. Civic handles better, and has better interior quality, but is noisy on highways and doesn't have a remote trunk open. Sentra has more room, lots of cool features, but has average handling, cheap looking/feeling interior, less lumbar support, and body lean due to tall style.

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Can someone experienced with these vehicles tell which is a better buy?


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Spend a bit more for the Civic EX, Sentra can only give you the numb feeling and you would probably hate it after driving it for 2 months. If you can afford to pay more, go for the Si as suggested by the previous user, or else wait a bit for the next civic Type-R. If you are looking for only "room", "quality", "fun of driving", any class of civic does better than the sentra.

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New Civic Si, got it and love it.
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