07 Sentra SL vs 07 Civic LX?

I'm looking to buy one of these cars, have researched a lot, and am still very confused. Civic handles better, and has better interior quality, but is noisy on highways and doesn't have a remote trunk open. Sentra has more room, lots of cool features(intelligent key, bluetooth, leather seats), but has average handling, cheap looking/feeling interior, less lumbar support, and body lean due to tall style.

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Can someone experienced with these vehicles tell which is a better buy?


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Go with the Honda. A better maker of cars overall. Of course it all depends on what is important to you in a car. For example, if a remote trunk opener is something you must have, then the choice becomes more clear.

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Honda civic of course, if you need remote truck release, get the Civic EX, that's it.

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I despise both cars, but the new Sentra is so God-awful ugly that I'm going to have to say go with the Civic, which is not as ugly. Both horrid to look at though.

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Uh-oh. Car deciding(it happens to me when I have to stylish cars to chose from). Oh well, I recommend the Civic LX.

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I own an '07 Sentra SL and I love it! I think the design is great and it's got everything I need. It rides really smooth and it's really quiet. I think it handles as good as I need it to but I think it all will come down to which brand you like better. I was a laydown with my Sentra because I love Nissan. I didn't do any research because I didn't want to. I already knew that Nissan makes a really good product, (since the Datsun days) and the overall vehicle was attractive to me. A lot of these people have some fascination with Honda therefore they choose Honda. In the end, the logo will probably make the decision.
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