Is it true that that the Ministry of Transport are considering BMW cars only lanes on motorways?


1990 Comanche with oil in the air cleaner?

Would that mean an a s s hole only lane. And I thought our country was stupid.

I have an Audi tt coupe quatrro MT6, what is MT6?

Yeah man, I'm sure.

Who knows how is Nissan Patrol?

yes it is

What do you think of the 2007 ford mustang gt ?

No mate , we'v already got a slow lane !!

Why does our ford bronco act like its out of gas when it gets to hot?

Yes and one for Fords, mercs, honda, volvo .....

Does 22 inch rims fit on a 2006 chevy impala?

Yes its called the Hard Shoulder.

Whats the cheapest way to upgrade my 2004 subaru impreza wrx?

Yeah the new proposals say that they are planning a radical revamp of motorways now with every one being 67 lanes wide, one for every car on the road. There would be the BMW lane, the VW lane, oh and the beaten up Escort lane with the Renault lane only being open on a Thursday after midnight. ... ha ha

Will a lift kit destroy my tuck?

No mate sorry youre mis-informed, it a deal with M&S - "Its not just a road, its an M&S road"..:-)

Instrument Cluster on my BMW 525i 1990 Not working.?

If thye are can we please add buses and lorries to the same lane

Dodge dakota?

what a stupid law.

What programming language does chevy use for their vehicle computers?

Wouldn't surprise me if this was put around by the dick heads who drive them. They think they own the bloody road just cos they drive a BMW, pricks.

Have you had trouble getting a loner car on vehicle repairs?

About time, in fact the lanes should be : Left hand lane1 & 3 series, Middle lane 5,7,8 series and others then Right hand lane 1979 635csi ONLY !!

Peugeot 406 p reg estate anyone know how to change the security keypad code please?

So when the i-Drive goes spla they won't block the rest of the traffic.

What do you need to chage the front end of a 1993 Nissan 240sx to a "97" S14 Kouki?

What do they plan to do with the three BMW only lanes that we already have on our motorways? Maybe they're going to allow everyone else to drive in those. Who knows eh? Stranger things have happened.

Which car is faster,a buick riviara with a supercharged V-6 or an oldmobile aurora with a V-8?

Yes there is a lane for BMW
Bloo-- Minded Wan----

Should i get an 07 nissan altima or a toyota camery?

See, I told you Mercedes owners will be disappointed.

The best ecotec?

Can fast lane be just for 5 series please.

Whats the most reliable brand of car ?

Dont know doubt it but if it were the BMW's would go onto the Fast lane.
Why do people hate BMW's they can easily outpace its same catergory car counterpart in another compnay like ford by a mile the M3 GTR is also a car that most other musscle companies cant match BMW's are very fast cars and at least the arent goign down like ford.
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