1963 Buick Skylark... Hot rod?

I have a chance to buy one in good condition. I just do not know much about them. Any info good or bad would help.


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The 1963 Buick Skylark is a classic. I had the honor of restoring one almost 15 years ago for a friend.
The engine is the GM 231 C.I. V-8 that has evolved into the Land Rover V8 of the early 90's
These engines were torquey little fire breathers that could be modified to put out 300 HP. The only shortcoming I remember was the inability to take overheating, usually resulting in warped heads if they were allowed to get too hot.
The body style was great and the interior seemed to be very durable. If you can get one that is rust free, you will find that they are great fun, very reliable, easy to work on, and will appreciate in value.

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Big, and heavy.

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Solid. Bad fuel mileage.

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it is a cool ride made much better if you install a small block Chevy..it fits quite well
Joe wouldn't know what a sky lark was other than it was a really fast car compared to his Honda..

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that engine was the 215c.i.d. all aluminum v-8 and was sold to rover after reliability problems. cool car, boat anchor of an engine. the parts alone for the engine are rare and very expensive. forget about high performance mods if your on a budget (even a large budget)
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