W124 MB, which series are categorized as this W124? and what does it mean?


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Mercedes cars are designated by model number, ie 190E, E320, etc. But several different models are often designed on the same chassis. W124 is a chassis number. This chassis was used on mid size cars from 1987 to 1995. Cars like the 260E, 300E, 230CE, 400E, E320, 300CE, 300D, and 300TD are all examples of W124 chassis cars. You can tell which chassis your car has by the serial number: it will be the first three digits.

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Chassis number. Good to have for parts. Mine is a 83 300sd,
so its a 126 chassis and a 617 engine.

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I know this number as the body style on a mercedes-benz. i guess as the others said chassis number. For example, my 95 S420 is a W140 body style. i don't know which series are under w124, but you could check online i guess. good luck!

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W124 signifies the body type. What this means is that if you saw two Mercs that looked the same but had different badges on the boot then they would be the same body type.

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The W of W124 mean "wagon" in german. The 124 is the actual body type and is the first 3 digits of the chassis number. If you lift up the bonnet/hood and find the chassis number the first three digits will be 124.

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I think w124 series cars ran from about 1987-1994. They came out in all different engine variations but all the bodies were the same basic chassis...hence for all those years they are known as W124 series Mercs.

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The most common W124 was the 300E, but it was also manufacture as 230E, 260E, 320E, 280E, 400E, 500E and some diesel versions.

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W124 is E-class Mercedes built between 1985-1996, following W123 and followed by W210.They were 4 door sedans, 2 door coupes and coupe-cabrio, station wagons (T-modell), ambulance and mortuary.Also built on a long wheel base for 8 passengers (embassy cars).They were also the first Mercedes that came with 4matic transmission.
Sedans: 200D, 250D, 250D Turbo, 300D, 300D Turbo; 200, 200E, 200E-16, 230E, 230E-16, 260E, 300E, 300E-24, 500E - until 1994.After that, the denomination changed (250D Turbo became E 250 Turbodiesel and so on).
S-Wagons included the T (200 TE, 250TD Turbo etc)
Coupes included the C and the diesel-powered ones are quite rare (for example 300CD).
There are many more things to say about W124, but I think this is the main stuff. Details about VIN and other characteristics would fill a bunch of pages.

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The W124 was the predecessor to the E Class (210), and is sort of known as a old E Class. It was built from the mid 80s to the mid 90s. The W124 is the model no. It was followed by the 210, 211 and the 212 will be here soon.

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The 124 is the model (design) no. The 124 came as a sedan, coupe and station wagon.

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According to Mercedes nomenclature the sedans/SUVs/(and some Coupes) will have Wxxx, where the xxx = 124, W124. Station Wagons have 'S' and roadsters (SLK, SL) have a 'R'. The latest CL Class (216) and the SLR (199) have the prefix 'C'.

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S211 = 211 Series E Class Touring (Station Wagon).
R230 = 230 Series SL Class Roadster
W164 = 164 Series M Class SUV
W209 = 209 Series CLK Class Coupe
C216 = 216 Series CL Class

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Hope it helped, rather than confusing you more... Read the wiki link. Its very helpful...
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