02 1.8T VW passat engine shakes slightly for the first 2 minutes of startup?

My passat will shake slightly for about 2 minutes after startup on a cold day (so far minus 40 degrees). The idle does not change at all and after about 2 minutes everythings ok's and the shaking stops. If you startup and go right away you won't notice anything. I just starting noticing this since I have lately been hooking up my ipod before driving. Any ideas?


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you might have a vacuume leak between the intake manifold
and cyl head and once it warmes up little, thermal expansion
seals the leak. I would try to retighten the manifold bolts
to factory specs and see if any are out of spec.

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Probably because your oil is so cold that it does not circulate to all cylinders, and one of them may not be firing right away.

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Diesel,then a glowplug or two is out,or disconnected.Gas a plug or wire might fail when cold.

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I think you would be wise to by a chevrolet.

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perfectly normal. minus 40 degrees is extreme! your engine is trying to warm up and get the oil circulating out of the oil pan. thats why after a few minutes it back to normal. once that engine and oil warms up and the oil starts lubricating parts, then it starts idling normally. make sure you do wait a few minutes though! you dont want to be making that engine work when its cold and not lubricated, that when things start to break. also take into consideration your turbo has to warm up as well and it is also lubricated by oil. a rough idle is normal and to be expected with those temperatures though so nothing to worry about.
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