What all camaro engines can i put in a 90 camaro w/out changing cumputer and trans how much$?


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That depends on what the camaro was. Was the camaro originally a V6 or a V8. And if V8 was it a 305 or a 350. If the car no longer has the engine you should be able to find out what it originally had using the VIN number. Once you establish what the car should have you can decide whether or not you want to return to factory condition or if you want to just say forget it and use your own custom combination. From there, once you pick your engine the prices will vary depending on the mileage and the amount of modifications; a higher mileage stocker will be much cheaper than a low-mileage street/strip motor for instance. Hope this helps; good luck. Check eBay, Racing Junk, places like that.

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not sure how much a new trans for that year is go on ebay you might find a camaro engine on sale fore under $1000 but don't get you hopes up stuff like that goes fast
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