07 Mercedes benz S class or 07 BMW 7-Series?

if you were to get one of those which one would you lease, or purchase. i always lease but which one would you go for and why?


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I gotta say get the benz. It doesnt look like i giant car as the 7 series does but it is. Bigger engine, nicer interior, better put together. I like the benz better all around. And as for buying or leasing. If you can afford the extra money each month to buy it and you are planning on keeping it for a while then definitely buy it. Especially if you drive more than 12,000 miles a year. Over the mileage will cost you 15 cents each mile over if you lease. If you buy its your and no worries or hassles. In other words if you can afford to pay the monthly payment if you buy it then definitely buy it. You will have it in the end and a very nice down payment if you decide to get a new car once this one is paid off. Hope That Helps

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get the benz better car all around

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I love both, but for one only... I prefer the Mercedes Benz S-Class due to the fact that Mercedes have more powerful engines and don't have much electrical problems as much as BMW's.

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Mercedes have a good, strong, sturdy history in automobiles. You don't see much BMW in Europe as Mercedes.

More power.?

I have had this discussion quite a few times before and many people, including lawyers, doctors, surgeons, & my father have agreed that somehow Mercedes is more efficient than BMW.

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I am still allured by BMWs and their slogan of being the "ultimate driving machine" and how some looks just as sporty as Mercedes.

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Good luck. Enjoy your new ride, whether you get any of them.

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Benz looks a lot better, is more exclusive at this point, is more powerful, classier, more luxurious.
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