What are the pros and cons of a 1995 Chrystler Lebaron?

New car, woo woo!


I have a '99 VW Passat. What maintenance should i have done on it?

Actually, I have a 1994 LeBaron, the same car mechanically. As far as the "gas guzzler" thing goes, that depends. I drive mine pretty carefully, and get around 23-25 MPG around town, and 27-29 MPG on the highway. Overall, they're pretty nice cars, there are several common problems they suffer from. The rear windows tend to break, and not move. Keep them lubricated. The doors are very heavy, if they're sagging even a little, GET THEM FIXED. They'll eventually snag the fenders, and bend them to pieces. There's a Yahoo Group for LeBaron owners, they've been very helpful to me.

Where do i find performance parts for my 4 cylnder chevy s 10?

it's an old car that is a gas guzzler.

01 sunfire squeeks front driverside wheel?

don't misunderstand me,
it is not what i view as practical.
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