1980 Ford F150 question?

How much gas is held in the front tank and back tank of a 1980 F150?


Have a 1995 mirage just quit running like u turned off the key while i was driving what is the problem?

The front tank is a 16 gallon and the rear tank is an 18 gallon giving you a total fuel load of 34 gallons.

What are the rules when it comes to building chinese cars?

17 gallons

When driving alone, which air bags are active and ready to go?

15 to 20 each, to be more accurate, you should measure them, LxWxH will give you the volume in cu in, then divide by 231 (cu in. per gallon)

Will a 225/40/18 fit on my 86 fiero sports?

Get a new truck.

Are volkswagon jetta's reliable ??

16 and 18 and nine times out of 10 the back one always gives you trouble
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