1991 Taurus stalls sometimes when i stop at red lights,stop signs,etc?

car will run just fine, no problem at all, then, without warning, i come to a stop, it starts idling really rough. i have to pop into neutral and feed it gas, sometimes it smooths out a little, most times it just dies. after waiting a couple of hours, i can start it again, sometimes fires right up, runs without any trouble, other times it wont start. i cannot find any info about this specific problem? also, took the car to kragen auto parts, put a code reader on it, all it said was"oxy.sensor left bank", but nothing to indicate a problem that would make it stall. any ideas?


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o2 sensor codes will come up for any thing the car sees out of wack with fuel.. sometimes it's an o2 sensor, sometimes it's another issue...

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When the vehicle stalls, do you try and put your foot on the gas pedal a little and try starting it again? .. Most people don't... if it starts and runs but as soon as you let your foot off it kills, I'd go with the first person and say idle speed motor (called a throttle air bypass by Ford those years)... Famous for issues

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Also I always clean the throttle body no matter what Ford says.. It's a issue as fuel isn't there to clean the throttle plates like it did years ago and after about 60k miles it gets plugged to the point it can aid in the killing at idle on a older car like that.

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After that, it will take someone checking it out after it dies to find out if it's fuel,spark, or other related.

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yeah try replacing your idle air control valve thats the little part near the throotle body that keeps the idle regulated at idle whne it goes bad the car dies at stop signs stop lights and things like that

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i own a repair shop and you need to check the gas and air filter on it,along with a bad 0-2 sensor this will make it stall out once in a while,especially after it has been warmed up for a few minutes,it usually wont do this when the engine is cold,it does in closed loop of the computer cycle,but id replace the 0-2 sensor and the gas filter and see how it does,i believe you,ll see and feel a difference in it,good luck i hope this helps.

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Don't fall for the old O2 Censor that all mechanics might want u to think if it runs really well then dies after warms up it is either one of two things it is an head gasket starting to fail or ignition module going bad tap on the ignition module and see if it runs a little better for a while.

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check the tps sensor,...does it idle search also?

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Try testing the TFI module (or verify whether or not this car has one). If it has a distributor, then it has one of these. It lives on the distributor held by 4 screws and coated on the back with heat sink grease. This will cause the problems that you describe; but I would take to get tested before condemning it. When installing the new one, or the old one; coat the back with the same grease, or you'll end up replacing this module.
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