What all do i need to hook up a 351c electronic wise?

i am doing an engine swap in my 83 ranger. i am pulling out the v6 and putting in a 351c i am planning on putting an hei distributor in it. is there anything else electrical i need to hook up? like an ignition module or anything? Thanks


Why does it lock up?

Well, If your carb has an electric choke you will need to hook that up. Thats it though. The HEI setup takes care of all of the wiring you would need to do. OHHH wait you'll have to hook up the alternator thats semi-electrical engine wiring.

Who besides yenko had cars built to their specs at the factory?

Not enough info to your question.Like what year is the 351? Is it carb? fuel inj.?That engine may have too much torque for that frame.

Will these wheels fit my puegeot 106?

a Holley or Mallory coil would be nice, I hope you get some stiffer springs :)
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