What are the advantages and disadvantages of changing to 15'' alloy wheels for swift lxi,does maruti recommend

maruti swift comes with steel 14" wheels(R14, 165/80), what are the advantages and disadvantages if i change to 15" alloy wheels (R15, 195/65)tubeless? is it recommended by maruthi??


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With 15" wheels your road grip and handling will improve and the car will feel better. However the mileage will drop by atleast 1 Kmpl. The cars ground clearance will also increase.

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Maruthi will ofcourse not recommend anything that is not factory fitted - but if you need better traction and dont mind mileage drop - you can go ahead and change the tyres - they wont complain either.

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advantage to it is that your getting more tire one the road which means that you get more traction and more control.you are also will technically get a faster pickup in speed from doing this because of the bigger wheel base.(you wont really notice it)

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15" would be bigger rims, as for tyre sizes you can safely go one size up. Better traction, control. Maruti wouldn't recommend anything other than the car comes out with.. even if its bullockcart wheels is standard fitment :)

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It wont be recommended for sure, but here are the implications

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1. greater topline acceleration and smoother cruising at 90+kmph.
2. More Fuel efficiency on highway drives and straight line acceleration
3. A little more stability

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1. Stiffer steering
2. sluggishness at lower RPM's as torque comes into play
3. Lesser Fuel Efficiency in the lower gears.
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