What is usually wrong with air ride suspension in a lincoln when it wont pump up?


What is that thing?

If the compressor is running, you have cracked air strut pillows... more than common on lincolns. Big bucks.
If the compressor is dead - start with it. Usually, leaking pillows cause subsequent damage to the compressor because it has to run constantly to compensate for air loss. There is some protection but I've seen too many burnt to believe that it works.

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Check the switch in the trunk that shuts the system off. If you have recently had any tire work done any good shop will turn the system off cuz when they lift the car up it can blow the lift bags if they dont. If the switch is on then there is a problem in the struts themselves, air leak, bad connection somewhere.
My $.02 worth.

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Usually the leak makes the air pump motor run too much, so it burns the fuse

Just asked about the ford v8, it's in a 98 f150 and has 171k miles on it, i was thinking the fuel pump?

check , the fuse and the relay also
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