1993 trans am vs. 2000 eclipse gt?

trans am is stock 6 spd.eclipse is aftermarket intake ecu and 5spd what racing result predictions?


What are bolt on parts for motors?

I am an Eclipse owner and fan. If the 2000 gt doesn't beat a old beater like the TA, I will trade both of my Eclipses in for a Radio Flyer.

Can anyone tell me whether my headlight bulbs should be duel or single filament? VW GT TDI 115bhp 2001?

But under one condition: A bad driver could lose with a Porche Targa Carrea .If you can drive, you are the winner.

How do you disable all the outside lights, temporally, on a 2005 Saab 9-3?

trans am loses

How Do I My Put Ignition Lock Cylinder In My '90 Chevy Silverado?

i say the eclipse.

Is there a show where I can pimp my jeep?

depends on the race, how far, open road etc, also alot of things to consider does the TA have stock gears is is taken care of or abused same for the eclipse and does the eclipse have a turbo or NOS I'd have to say eclipse without knowing anything about the TA

How do I change the clock on my 2002 BMW 325xi?

does the eclipse have the fartpipe sounding exhaust like a broken muffler? if so it sounds stupid and who cares if it wins.a stock 93 ta should run about a low to mid 14 quarter mile depending on how beat it is. maybe even high 14's if its really beat.... have you run the modded eclipse? if you run low 14's or better you will beat the ta

'83 Chevy Truck?

I a strait line, the trans will smoke the mitsu, but in the corners the mitsu will take the trans
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