What do you think of 2007 Grand Prix's?

I saw the '07s for the first time last week and was absolutely disappointed. I own an '04 GT2 and I thought the changes they made from the '04-'06 style is hideous!

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The rims are ugly. The added "slits" into the rear bumper. And they added ground effects on the front which I think is good because one thing I don't like about that body style is the lack of skirts on the front but it does not suit the Grand Prix at ALL!
Maybe they only did this to cetain versions because the Pontiac website shows the normal body style of the '07 but I saw the GT's and the regular '07s and the dealer and all of 'em had all that ugly stuff.

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Whats your opinion?


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My opinion is some of the previous posters don't know what they are talking about. I think some of them are confusing the Grand Prix with the GTO (which was built in Australia, but is a GREAT car). And the Solstice is ugly? Wow...

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The Grand Prix is a great car mechanically, as you know because you have an '04. It has one of the best engines in automotive history, great reliability, warranty and reliability numbers as well.

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I happen to like the looks of the 07 myself, but looks are highly subjective. What I like has nothing to do with what you like. Wheels are easy to change, and front/rear fascias can be changed as well, but I see your point.

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they are ugly and expensive to fix you have to order parts out of the country!!

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i personally think pontiac needs help rite now, i think alot of there newer stuff lacks pazzaz, u kno. the solstice i swear is the ugliest thing ive ever seen and the g6 is a gto remade. i liked the grand am a couple of yrs back but its all crap now.

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Personally I think the only Pontiac Grand Prix that looked good was the 1966 model; they've only gotten uglier with each new model! Yep, forty years ago it was a good looking vehicle, but now? B-U-T-T U-G-L-Y!!

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Order parts from out of the country...WHAT!?
THe GP GT is available with a T/C V8 that kicks. The things have good room in them. Better than an accord an get 28-30 highway.

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I Worked as a driver at a National rental car for the last 6 months here in Phila. I've driven everything for Cobalts to Cadilac DTS's. The Grand Prix Is by far the best all arround car of the bunch. It's best in the GXP version with the v-8. The SC v-6's in the GT's are, well ok if fresh. Style wise? There is no big changes from the '06 models. Exteror wise I like the car. The interior is lacking in style and the the controls could be better. The seats are good and vision is good all around. Easy to drive & roomy enough. If you hate it? Don't worry. Plans are to phase out all of the front drives at Ponitac in a year or two.

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ya pontiac needs to get it together, have u seen the 2 door pontiac g5's it looks exactly like a chevy cobal except the lights are different, i love grand am gt's though i just bought a 99 for 1500, it needs come work but i am excited to work on it, its my first car!!

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I think the current Grand Prix's are great. Ever driven one? Smooth, comfortable ride.

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Who said Pontiac is in trouble? They're known for their energy and youthfulness. The G6 kicks ***, the Solstice is one of the most affordable, sports cars on the markets that everyone raves about. The Grand Prix's successor, the G8 is getting great reviews, and who could forget one of the greatest muscle cars ever built, the Trans Am.

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Have you seen how many Grand Am's and Bonnevilles are still circulating out there too, they're all over.

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The only thing holding Pontiac back, if anything would be America's stupid obsession with Honda and Toyota. They cost more, are smaller, less powerful, cost a lot to repair, and aren't so fantastically loveable that we should sterotype American cars as crap, and gutting our own AMERICAN companies. Lets see Japanese cars have a 10 year, 100,000 mile warranty like GM
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