What are the common problems on VW polo 1.0 x reg?

any common wear and tear, early signs, noises etc


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I had a 00 polo from new until 94K miles, It was perfect up to 70K. the main problem with a 1.0l polo is that they are not meant for big milage, the 1.0l starts wearing and burning oil. watch out for burning of oil, spluttering, missing or erratic noise from the engine. Also the ignitation on them is dodgy. The body and general items tend to be very well wearing. After that just look for the general common signs; offset or ill-fitting panels, irregular tyre wear, blue smoke from exhaust. try to get a 1.4l model because the 1.0l is v.sluggish and tends to have been driven hard.

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Only problems are the drivers. They lack the reflexes, brain, and style of a normal individual.

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My daughter has a W reg and the exhaust went as soon as she got it. Apart from that it's been fine.

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only noises are people laughing lol

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lambda probes, coil packs and the headlamps are poorly manufactured and the insides break free of the outer so you fail mot on headlight alignment.
these are most common faults on a facelift mark 3 polo, but they dont happen alot, that polo was actually quite a good vw
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