1995 Chevrolet Camaro Fuel Lamp?

Last question would be, does my car have a low fuel indicator light on the instrument cluster on the dash? I have been looking for it, and for the life of me, nothing seems to shine when im low on fuel.. Weird right? Also, my fuel gauge does not read an accurate reading... Its always guess work... Any ideas?


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My 95 doesn't have a low fuel indicator. I wish it did, because my fuel gauge doesn't read well either. When I get slightly lower than ½ tank, the gauge is erratic. For instance, it might show ¼ tank when I shut off the key, and at next start, it's just a hair above empty! And when it gets to that point, I'd better get to a gas station asap, because that means I'm on fumes. It took a couple of times hitchhiking to a station for me to learn my lesson!!

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Other than that, I love my car!

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My 2000 TA (same car) doesnt... and its a WS-6... and my guage gets erratic as well... just gotta learn your car

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I can't help you with the "accurate reading" part, as my gauge is fairly accurate. The car does have a low fuel indicator though. The orange-lit "Check Gauges" light should light up when your fuel is low enough. I can't recall what the setting is for it (maybe 2 gallons remaining), but I'd suggest finding a gas station quick when you see that light. Assuming you have a V8, when that light comes on, you are on the clock!
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