1995 Chevrolet Camaro Wiper Blade?

On my Camaro's wiper blade, there is this black piece that goes underneath the blade itself, i think its for aerodynamics, but god knows... Well when i turn the wipers on, and it sweeps back to its position, it bangs on the plastic piece where it normally would sit if its not in operation... And if i turn on the wipers to high setting, they sweep way far off to the left, past the glass... Very annoying... Any fixes or advice?


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I know the part you are talking about, but I didn't drive my Camaro in to work today (raining), so I can't go out and look. Sounds to me like something is bent somewhere on it. I'd suggest turning your wipers on and standing outside the car, watching the travel path of the wiper.

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On second thought, it sounds like the motor is malfunctioning on it. The motor should control the path (arc range) of the wiper. Try taking it to AutoZone and asking them about it. You may be looking at a new wiper motor. Good luck.

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Just stop by Mobile and pick up some new blades for only $10.00-$25.00.
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