1995 Chevrolet Camaro Maintenance?

Hi all, since your answers are pretty decent... My car has about 168 thousand miles on it, i just did a transmission flush on the car, changed the fuel filter, and also did a oil change... Honestly im not sure what else may need to be done to this car, to make it last... Any parts or anything that i may need to do that i havent thought of? To make it run smoothly?


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Check the hoses for soft spots, check the belts for wear, check the rear end for proper oil level, check the lube in u-joints, ball joints, and tie rod ends, you may even want to flush the radiator. Check brake fluid for sediment and maybe needs changed. Get a front wheel alignment.Oil door hinges, trunk hinges and hood hinges.

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water pump, radiator flush, spark plugs, timing belt change, distributor and starter rebuild... I can think of other things but that's a standard tuneup.

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i have a 93'z28 f-body a full engine rebuild costed me about3,800 dollars. it runs BEAUTIFULLY now! if you dont have the money a full tune up would be GREAT. you would definatly be able to feel the difference.

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The best way to maintain is to stay regular with it. Keep changing the oil at 3,000 miles. Always monitor the fuel levels, and get quick (reliable) fixes to any problem that comes up. Basically, keep doing what you are doing and it should last awhile longer.

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I've got a 1994 Chevrolet Blazer (full size) with 186K on the clock myself - original engine, original trans. I make sure this thing gets in for its service appointments on time every time, and fix all the little things that arise from older vehicles.

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In the end, take care of it, and it will take care of you. Enjoy your car!
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