How does a car run?

I meen like first you put gas then, it goes to the engine(how), and on.


Ford Forums?

fuel and air is sucked into the cylinder thru the intake valve as the piston goes down (intake stroke) then compressed and ignited as the piston comes back up(compression stroke)the piston is forced back down by the exploding fuel air mixture turning the crankshaft(power stroke) momentum forces the piston back up which forces the burnt gases out the now open exhaust valve(exhaust stroke)

Where is a good place on the net to find parts for a 94 Saab 900 Turbo?

That's basically how it works


combustion in the chambers force the crankshaft to turn the wheels

Exhaust ?? 1972 dodge charger??

Just go here and get the answers, for all of your questions and more...

Scion Tc owners?


Where Can I Get This Part For My Explorer?

get a repair manual on any car and do some reading. You forgot to check whether the car was a gas or diesel vehicle.then the oil...then the coolant.then get a book. Pictures are much more understandable.
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