1992 engine mercury sable and 1994 engine ford taurus?

can the engine in a ford taurus fit in a mercury sable.


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I would say that is a good question and with a little more imformation I could give you a definitive answer. Unfortunately without all the imformation about the two vehicles, such as, the type of transmission and the engine sizes it is impossible to be sure. So here is what you need to do.On the drivers door jam there is a sticker that has a 17 digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). There are both letters and numbers in the VIN and each is significant. If you count 8 digits in from left to right you come upon the engine code. This will tell you the size of the engine. Now it is not impossible to put a different size engine from one to the other but then you open a whole different can of worms due to all the modifications that will be necessary. Hopefully you will find the digits the same on both. Next you need to climb under the vehicle. If you look at the bottom of the transmission, known as the pan , you will find a series of letters and numbers stamped in the pan. These letters and numbers are about 2" tall ands impossible to miss. For those years the Transmisison will be denoted by AXOD, AXOD-E, AX4S or AX4N. The AXOD operates off of throttle pressure to shift. The others are electronic. The vehicles computer regulates the shifts based on a series of input from various sensors. All the electronic transmisisons are transferable. The cable operated AXOD is probably in the Sable but the Taurus could have any one of them. This being the case we are back to not knowing enough to be definitive although we have closed the gap. There are torque issues that have to be addressed and the list goes on. Your best bet is to talk to a certified technician having as much imformation as possible and both vehicles available for inspection. I could really get technical with the specs from the different engines, and which Torque convertor is appropriate for the Transmission to operate efficiently but there are several different combinations that will work and several that won't. Take your time, assimilate all the imformation and check your funds. This can be extremely costly if you don't cross all your "T"s and dot all your "I"s. Good luck!

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Yes, It should slap right in.

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Yup. They are nearly the same engine.

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Yes it will fit, we did the same to our 93 sable, but a little advice,
that year of the sable has a defective engine, even if you put the new engine in, about 2 weeks from now, youre going to blow another head gasket, youre better off spending the money for the engine and labor, on another cheap car, itll save you a crapload of money in the long run. just type in 92 mercury sable defects in your search bar, and youll see what kind of horrible crap about the engine comes up.

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no problem.

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:1992Mercury Sable

6 Cylinder Engines
6 Cylinders 182 U 3.0L FI
6 Cylinders 232 4 3.8L FI
1994 Ford Taurus is also included below.

6 Cylinder Engines
6 Cylinders 182 1 3.0L Flex Fuel
6 Cylinders 182 Y 3.0L EFI DOHC SHO
6 Cylinders 195 P 3.2L EFI DOHC SHO
6 Cylinders 232 4 3.8L EFI
6 Cylinders 182 U 3.0L EFI

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Now the only problem you may have is connections. Flex fuel may have different connections. That is if you want to use some corn gas on the cob. hahaha

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Buy the Haynes repair. Long story but Electronic Fuel Injectors EFI or a little different from FI. But then not really a problem either.

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It will, though calibrations maybe different, which might make the check engine light come on

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I will have to say that everything mark is telling is correct done been thru this myself ..good luck
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