1993 Nissan Maxima. I hear a knocking sound in the front wheel when making left turns lately. Any suggestions?

This just started in the last couple of days but seems to be getting louder and more varied. The knocking seems to be coming from the front passenger side.


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Is it more of a knocking or a clicking sound? If it's a clicking sound, it probably means that your CV boot is torn will need replacing. You can theoretically jack up the car and look under, if it's your left wheel, turn the wheel all the way to the right so you can see. You'll see the CV joint where the axle meets the wheel. If the CV boot's torn, you'll notice grease around your wheel/axle/lower bar. If it's your right wheel, do the opposite and check them out. The normal cost for replacing a CV boot varies from around 80-150 dollars, depending on how much your mechanic wants to charge for labor. Hope this helps.

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The knocking sound you are hearing could possibly be the CV joint going out, if this is the case I found it easier to replace the entire CV half axle than the joint, it was much cheaper. You may also want to check your wheel bearing, if the bearing is wobbling on the hub then it can make a grinding or knocking sound. Check both.

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Have same problem on my skyline took to garage and changed trackrod ends but still playing up so having to replace steering rack as cv joint on way out but thought as well change the lot then will last and wont have to keep coming back to garage.
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