1992 ford escort 1.6?

hi im buying a 1992 escort 1.6l mk 5 just wondering does is it zetec or cvh (its the cosworth shaped model)
regards sean also just wanting to know which as more tunning(modified)potential


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It will be CVH at that age I would think

Would anyone recomend a 2000 nissan maxima?

its the cvh version at that age

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it would be 1.6 cvh as for tuning potential for 1.6 is rubbish only if u got big money to spend if i were u i go to local ford scrapyard and buy 2.0 zetec engine mk1 mondeo and gearbox and ecu for engine transplant and some more work is required as well go to garage am sure they can help u stick aftermarket exhaust and K&N air filter and some piper cam and pulley it be worth it if it done cos it fast

My 2001 malibu is making a ticking noise that seems to fade as it runs, any idea what it could be maybe lifter

1.4 CFi (1393 cc) CVH 52 kW
1.4 EFi (1393 cc) CVH 55 kW
1.4 G (1393 cc) CVH 54 kW
1.6 EFi (1597 cc) CVH 79 kW
1.6 G/H (1597 cc) CVH 66 kW
1.6 EFi (1598 cc) Zetec 66 kW
1.8 EFi (1796 cc) Zetec 77/85/96 kW
1.8 D (1753 cc) Endura D 44 kW
1.8 TD (1753 cc) Endura D 66 kW
2.0 EFi (1998 cc) Ford I4 Engine 110 kW
2.0 (1993 cc) Cosworth YBT 167 kW
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