1989 Lincoln Mark VII Question?

I just bought a 1989 Lincoln Mark VII. I was told that the air suspension needed something done, but the guy didn't know what. The air bags around the car are fine, I know that. The problem is, the car keeps bouncing and its really low to the ground. Any guesses?


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Chances are the bags are "blown". I have seen this happen once before. If you fail to shut of the air suspension on this vehicle prior to raising it on a lift the car thinks you are going in to a big hole. So the suspension bottoms out. Any good parts place could tell you that MONROE makes a replacement kit for the original air ride suspension. It should run you about $200.00 per axle for parts.

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How do you know the bags are fine? its bouncing because the bags are not aired up. Does the pump run when you first start the car? is the air suspension light on? does the air suspension do anything at all? I don't mean to be rude but you can't possibly know for sure the bags are good unless it airs up and stay aired up for weeks then you can say for sure the bags are good.
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