1992 engine mercury sable and 1994 engine ford taurus?

can the engine in a ford taurus fit in a mercury sable.


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Yes. It will bolt right in. The only potential problem is their are two different engines available for both cars. One is a 3.0L and one is a 3.8L. If you are changing out from a 3.0L to a 3.8L you need to change the ECU, to allow for the added fuel delivery. I know this because I had a 94 Mercury sable 3.8L and I cracked the cylinder head. It was a mess. So to save time and money I swapped out the 3.8L for a 93 Ford Taurus 3.0L. The ECU would have worked but I switched it out because the Taurus was had a police interceptor engine, which means it had an upgraded ECU and would give me more power.

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Consult with your local dealership as both of these cars are still the same company.FoMoCo Ford Motor Company.You can also check with a large junkyard in your area.They usually have what is called 'Crossover Manuals' and they may have it in software.They can tell you what all years and engines are compatible.Really I cannot see why not, but check anyway because of the Computer systems.

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considering that the mercury sable is the same thing as a ford taurus only thing you would have to watch out for is the different sizes...ie) are they both the 3.8...etc that is where you would want to talk to a mechanic to see if they would be compatible...otherwise they should interchange easily

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Theoretically yes, but as others said, there. the 3.0 Vulcan and the larger 3.8 (which needs a new head gasket), and there's the 3.0 SHO (very rare). If they're the same size, it should bolt right in, no mods needed. They are pretty much the same car, after all.
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