1992 Lexus SC 400 turns off for no reason.?

My 92 Lexus SC 400 recently started turning off for no apparent reason this morning. When I tuned it on for the first time it was ok, but when I turned it off to drop off some stuff and turned it back on it just turned off, so i turned it on again, but it turned off yet again, I turned it on a third time and accelerated a little bit and it stayed on. any suggestions? I will mention that I bought the car in July and have not taken it to get an oil change or anything, but i dont know if thats why its doing this.


Scion Tc owners?

You need to get that checked out, it could be an ECU issue, or a fuel pump. Have it serviced as soon as you can, because it may just not restart at all the next time.

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If you can keep it running with the throttle , Its most likely a sticking idle air control valve. or IAC Valve
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