1987 chevy suburban not charging, new battery and alternator, not draining just not charging.?

Ive got a question, were there any suburban engines externally regulated in the 1980s, bc there is a plug coming out right near the alternator plug that isnt attach to anything, Im thinking if this engine is from another older sub. it may be a plug for the regulator and thats the reason why its not charging fully. I dont know much about electrical but couldnt hurt to ask right.


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look on the alternator......near the plug.it should be stamped..F.for field...A ...for armature.....the field need,s a pulse charge for the alternator to charge....usually supplied through a resistor/wire..you can cross the field to the armature terminal,s..this will make it a one wire alternator.....it will produce....but it,s not the right way to do this.....see the charging diagram in a chilton/hayne,s/motor,s.man... will illustrate the intended wiring from the factory.

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i own a shop and that plug should have a cross over plug in it ,or it shouldn't even be there,id get a one wire plug alternator for it ,to me it sounds like you may have the wrong alternator on it ,and that will cause this to happen,get you a one wire deal and be done with it ,this way it will charge real good and not give any problems with it at all,i do this to them all the time ,the one wire deals are the best ones to have good luck with it hope this helps.

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There was a problem with that year forgot what it was but you can take it to a Chevrolet Dealer for more information. Good Luck
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