Any thoughts on the Scion tC?

I am looking at buying the Scion tC. I like the modern young feel with the customizable options and it seems like a decent car based on reviews. Does anyone have any thoughts, recommendations, etc about this car?


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Me too, I've answered this question alot!

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I own a '06 tC in Flint Mica, dark gray and I love it! I am constantly getting compliments from people old and young, but mostly glares from Honda owners, lol. Just the other night, I was having fun with a Subaru Impreza. Of course, his car is alot faster than mine, but he gave me compliment and was very surprised at how quick it was. He thought I had a supercharger or something, but I told him it's just an auto, lol.

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It was the tC that switched me from American muscle to Asian import. Just check out all the special features and you'll be amazed! It's like the Swiss Army knife of sporty compact cars, seriously! You cannot find a sport compact under $17k that offers as much as the tC in accessories and quality.

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It's a very reliable car. Most people don't break their cars in properly and they run into problems later on with gas mileage and reliability. I am at 23k miles and get great gas mileage, 30mpg on the highway and 25 city, and that's with a lead foot!

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As for the looks, I think the car looks sporty with a touch of class. With all the aftermarket parts out there you can design your car the way you want it to look. It is marketed as a "blank canvas" for customization. That is the main reason I bought the car, something different. There are too many uniform Hondas out there, plus they aren't as roomy as this car.

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Whatever your decision, take your time and test different ones. But I guarantee you'll feel better just sitting in the tC. Plus it's got a Toyota engine and fully loaded will be 20k out the door!

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Check out this website, that's where the majority of Scion owners hang out on the net. All sorts of tech questions, do it yourself help and great info on the evolution of our cars:

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i had the TC. It is a good little car. Ran great, price was also great. I traded it in on a new FJ cruiser back in December.

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The only thing I didnt like about the TC was the lack of head, and shoulder room in the car, but then again I am 6'2" with wide shoulders, so the car really isnt to blame

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Test drove one yesterday not bad. the sticker price was for 21,000. Overpriced for all that plastic. I said no thanks.

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Lets not forget the 20-25 mpg.

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Good car, nice look, good gas mileage, excellent price, and good features, I highly recommend this car.

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Know that youre not getting a sports car. It is barely even a sports coupe. It is heavy, underpowered, and the suspension is far too squishy for the type of car it pretends to be.
It is pretty though, and the options are nice, should be reliable as it shares a good number of parts with the Camry. Just know that youre buying an economy sedan underbody with a "sports coupe" put onto it.

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My Scion tC gets about 36mpg, so I have no idea where Yen got her numbers from. The tC doesn't 'pretend' to be anything. It's an economical sports compact car with tons of factory and aftermarket customization. Scion marketing doesn't portray the tC as anything other than what I've mentioned. The commercials aren't plagued with exaggerated engine sounds, featuring the tC tearing up tracks, or mountain roads.

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The Scion tC is a great value car with good gas mileage, decent styling, Toyota reliability, and good resale value. My only gripe would be the cheap *** plastic cover for the panoramic roof, and rear head room is a bit cramped even for a hatchback.

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Underneath, it's only a 4 cylinder Camry. Look at a Honda Civic Si couple.

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Oh how many times I've answered this question... well'p sit back and enjoy. This is what I have put together throughtout the months. Some of it may apply to you and and other parts may not, but hey, never hurts to have all the information right?? :D

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I've done my research on it, and am planning on buy one in July. Consumer guide best buy! Has the sporty looks that people like, the features of a more expensive luxury car and the reliability of Toyota behind it's name. I've spent numerous hours looking into any flaws or tech. problems and really the major only concern I've heard was there is too little room in the rear and the plastic roof cover. Well it is a hatchback, so if people wanted more room, go get an SUV or something lol. And no, it's not a chick car!! :) Put the TRD exhaust and intake with the rear ped spolier on it and you got your one hell of a car my friend. Of course you can always look into putting in the TRD turbo lol. But overall, gas mileage 23/30 is good, 160 hp is all I really need and it has the great looks! I fell in love with this car and I drive an 05 civic ex and I find this to be much better then my little economy car. On a scale of 1-10 I rank it about a 9.8 Do what you think is best for you, but overall the Tc is an excellent choice! I have test driven the auto tranny, and my only concern was the suspension was a little stiff. Not too bad though. The handling was increadable with the Z rated tires on it, that drive made my week lol. I'm getting the manual because I don't see an auto worth the extra $800 plus dollars. I don't see where you can go wrong! Good luck!

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** Another guy who answered this same question wrote this:

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The Scion tC is an awesome car and would make a great first car due to its high build quality and reliability. I have had to opportunity to extensively drive a Scion tC and they are very fun and comfortable, has a good sounding stereo, and several standard safety features that other car in its class do not have. And it is safe in a collision. My best friend and 2 of her friends were struck from behind at approx 60 mph while at a stop, and no one in the car was hurt. I was amazing considering the rear bumper was almost in the back seat.
Its a good looking car to with made aftermarket parts available to customize your car. The standard moonroof is also a welcome feature to let the wind run through your hair in all seasons. It has keyless entry, anti lock brakes. I can not think of any bad things to say about the car.
I will say compare the price of a new one to a used. It may be worth your time.

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Hope this helps you and hope to see you on soon!! Enjoy!

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(Don't listen to the other people who just dis the tC, it's only becuase they're scared of change and their american built cars are doing so well that their companies have laid off hundreds of thousands of workers becuase they can't compete with companies like scion.)

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*If you need anymore info, I'd be glad to help. You can reach me at

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It was way over my budget, by like, $300 dollars. lol. I bought the box, and I love it. I thought it was the ugliest car in the world. But now it's the opposite. It's the ugly duckling that turns into a swan. A beautiful swan! It has the most room out of all the models. It's really fun to drive. I would recommend on getting the xb, it will soon be a collectors item and be worth millions someday. But i'm trading mine in for the xb2.

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i just answered the xb question also, but ill say it again, when scion first came into existance (thank goodness, finally a car company with different ideas) they said they would not come out with new body styles every few years, they were going to put out a brand new model. ie. the 08 xd replacing the xa. but the xb and tc got such a response and following, they had to do a new body style. i currently have a black cherry pearl xb, and am going to a scion xb "release event" to test drive the 08 in april. will prob buy. maybe go to a tc event if they have one also. i adore the tc, but have 2 kids. just not practical with them and all the stuff i have to lug around with them. my advice is to go test drive it. you'll fall in love and not want anything less. :)

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I have my scion tc for more than a year and upgrade from 161 hosepower to 287 easy to customize handling very very good on TRD sway bar and strut bar. I smoke the honda in the dust. Bad thing about this car is I got 3 speeding tiket already.
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