02 Ford Mustang did not start up cuz of a bad fuel pump?

i have a 02 mustang i just changed the fuel pump and filter cuz it was not shooting any fuel and the car was sitting for a long time and now that i changed it it starthan up on my first try and it was running like for 5 min and i was cleaning up the tools so i can take off i drove it littel fronT AND GOT OUT to clean few other stuff and like a few min later it just turnde off on me, i tryed starting it up and it did not start up it look like it was but it did't and i chacked off fuel was coming and it was so now i stuck scraching my haed.


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This may sound like a stupid question, but did you fill up the car with FRESH gasoline after the repair? That would be a start. You did mention the car had been "sitting for a long time".

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Out of fuel?
Crud in the fuel plugging up the new filter?
You lost spark?

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Maybe there's an air bubble trapped in the line causing it not get pumped to where it suppose to go?
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