1987 Chevy suburban not charging,NEW alternator and battery. Not Draining, just isnt charging.?

Hey so the problem isnt fixed and im short on money. The harness must have a fault in it running to the plug in the back of the alternator. I dont know for sure. Does anyone know how much it would be to have the whole truck rewired?(couldnt hurt being it is 20 years old). But if someone thinks they know of another reason it may not be charging would be helpful. thanks.


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Yes it is most likely a wire fault. Just run a new 14 guage wire from the back of the alt+ directly to the bat+. Move the stock wirring far away. Insure the new wire is well plumbed and of good quality. Make multiple measurements at the battery for good battery upkeep at many levels of use. The ultimate taxing is when the air and lights are at full on while the engine is idling. Power windows and seats ,during this onslot,may give rise to higher idling wants.
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