Where can i find peak commute drives from Santee to San Diego?

We are looking to move to Santee and would liek to know how long (and bad) is the drive from Santee to Downtown in peak rush hours


Is your commuter train often late for getting you to work?

Start checking out sigalert in the mornings and evenings to see exactly what the traffic conditions are looking like during the peak times...

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How often do you take public transportation each week?

Although you are driving in the direction of commute traffic, it shouldn't be to bad...it is about 18 miles...during peak commute it should take you ~ 1/2 hour to 45 minutes depending on exactly when you leave and what day it is.

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I would recommend however taking the trolley. You can take the green line one stop from Santee to Gillespie field (or just drive to the Gillespie field station) and then can take the orange line from there all the way downtown, which will take ~ 35 minutes depending on where you are getting off. The trolleys leave every 15 minutes during peak commute times.

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The reason I recommend the trolley is b/c besides the fact you don't have to deal with the unpredictable nature of traffic, and you have the chance to spend some quality time reading in the morning, you can save a LOT of $$ on parking. I work in one of the big bank buildings downtown and the cheapest parking I can find around here is $150 a month!!
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